Jan 11, 2021 | Marlette de la Pena

Tom Cruise unleashed an expletive-laden rant at colleagues on the set of his latest Mission: Impossible movie

Tom Cruise launched an expletive-laden rant at colleagues on the set of his latest Mission: Impossible movie.

It reportedly happened after he spotted two workers failing to respect physical distancing rules.

In audio released by the Sun tabloid, the 58-year-old Hollywood star can be heard warning that anyone caught not following the rules to stay at least two meters away from others will be fired.

On the audio recorded during filming in Britain, he said, "If I see you doing it again, you're f---ing gone and if anyone on this crew does it, that's it … No apologies."

During his outburst at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, which is around 50 kilometers north of London, Cruise catalogued the difficulties he and everyone in the film industry are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The timing of the outburst was not clear, though the Sun said production of the movie returned to Britain two weeks ago.

Higher costs

Many movies have either been delayed until after the pandemic is over or because of COVID-related delays on set, including the seventh instalment of the Mission: Impossible franchise.

During his outburst, Cruise mentioned the higher costs for insuring a movie in these times.

He also expressed concern about the direct impact on families and their ability to pay bills if the movie shuts down.

"That's what I sleep with every night," he said. "Do you understand the responsibility that you have?"

Cruise's publicist didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mandatory wearing of masks on set was implemented.

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